Home Free Wraps Up Dive Bar Saints Tour: ‘This Was Far From An Easy Tour’

Home Free‘s Dive Bar Saints Tour is officially history, with the end of the Canadian leg of their tour. Although the tour was delayed more than once, due to COVID-19. the all-vocal group finished the tour with the absence of Tim Foust, who recently contracted COVID-19, shortly after the return of Adam Chance, who also had to miss out on some shows due to the virus.

“This was FAR from an easy tour… but we made it though with support from each other and our amazing crew, and, most importantly, our incredible fans,” Chance posted on social media. “Thank you for helping us get through this roller coaster of a run.”

Foust admits he was disappointed to have to quarantine away from the band, especially for the final show of the Dive Bar Saints Tour.

“Welp…I guess it’s my turn to quarantine,” he tweeted. “My symptoms are very mild for now. I’m just bummed I have to miss the last stop of this tour. But my bandmates are still gonna put on a heck of a show.”


Home Free was overseas on their global tour when they suddenly had to come off of the road in early 2020, as cases of COVID-19 began to spread all over the world.

“It was like whiplash,”  Foust recalled to Everything Nash. “We were literally in the middle of a European tour and we had to cut it short. We had stayed up till 2:00 AM, Europe time, to see the Presidential address. He said we were going to be banning flights from Europe. So the first thing we did was get on the phone and say, ‘Delta, get us home ASAP.’ It was very jarring in a 24-hour period to go from being in the middle of a tour on the other side of the world, to being on our couches in our homes, not really knowing if we could or should even leave our houses. It was one of the more jarring experiences I’ve ever had.”

Home Free still has three make-up shows for the tour. Those shows are June 3 in Dubuque, Iowa; June 4 in Cincinnati, Ohio; and June 5 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The group also has a busy touring schedule over the next few months, which includes a performance at CMA Fest in Nashville.

Home Free’s next album, The Sounds of Lockdown, will be out on May 13. Find music and tour dates at HomeFreeMusic.com.