Reba McEntire Sings Theme Song For New Mila Kunis, Glenn Close Film

Reba McEntire shared her vocal talents for a gripping new film, Four Good Days, starring Mila Kunis and Glenn Close. McEntire shared a preview of the movie, and her song, on social media.

“I was honored to be asked to sing the theme song for the new Glenn Close and Mila Kunis ‘moving and powerful’ movie, Four Good Days – in theaters April 30,” McEntire wrote. “It was written by the amazing Diane Warren who also wrote my songs ‘I’ll Be’ and ‘What If’ … I’m so proud to be associated with these three very powerful women!”

Four Good Days is the story of a woman, Molly (played by Kunis), who asks her estranged mother, Deb (played by Close), to help her get clean, after years of drug addiction.

“We are excited to share the impactful message and impeccable performances by Mila Kunis and Glenn Close in Four Good Days with audiences this spring,” said Rich Goldberg, co-president of Vertical Entertainment (via Deadline). “The film, based on a true story, gives audiences a window into the struggle of a mother and daughter trying to rebuild their relationship after a long battle with drug abuse.

“The conversation around addiction can be complex and difficult for family members to have,” he continued, “and we strongly feel that audiences, and most importantly families, will empathize with these characters and possibly even open up the discussion about drug abuse with one another.”

Kunis had to drastically alter her appearance, going down to just 95 pounds, to play a heroin addict.

“I don’t know [how much weight I lost] because I don’t have a weight scale but I can tell you, based on my clothing, I was as thin as I was for ‘Black Swan,” Kunis told TheWrap. “I was healthy in regards to the way I did it but as far as a lifestyle choice, I was like, ‘Oh this is rough.’ But it only had to be for a minute. You have to unfortunately look a certain way to look like a heroin addict, so I think I did it over four months. I exercised and dieted. I felt very strong… but I was thin.”

McEntire is no stranger to movies. She has starred in several films over the years, including Tremors, The Little Rascals, Charlotte’s Web and others, sometimes contributing to the soundtracks as well. She recently released her own cinematic video for “You Never Gave Up On Me,” honoring her mother, Jacqueline, who passed away in 2020.