Scotty McCreery Performs His Hits for ‘CMT Campfire Sessions’ [WATCH]

Scotty McCreery kicked off the third season of CMT Digital‘s Campfire Sessions on Tuesday, October 18. The 29-year-old performed several of his recent hits, including his current single, “It Matters to Her,” a song he says was inspired by the lessons he has learned since marrying his wife, Gabi, in 2018.

“‘What Matters to Her’ is a song that I wrote, just all about everything I’ve learned my first four years of being a husband,” McCreery explained. “Me and Gabi, my wife, we’ve been together for ten years. We dated for six or seven; we met when we were five years old. And she is just the most amazing person ever. I’m learning as a guy, just kind of what makes the big difference. It’s not always the biggest things … sometimes it’s just the little things that make the biggest difference. That’s kind of where this song came from.”

McCreery also performed his recent, multi-week No. 1 hit, “Damn Strait,” along with “Five More Minutes,” McCreery’s first No. 1 single.

“‘Five More Minutes,’ this is probably my favorite song I’ve ever written,” McCreery said. “February 5, 2015 I wrote this song with my guys Frank [Rogers] and Monty [Criswell], just kind of writing about my granddaddy, who I just lost, Grandaddy Bill, and my thoughts about if I could just have a little more time with him, what I’d say and what I’d hope we could do together. That’s where this song came from.”

McCreery concluded with his performance of “You Time,” also inspired by Gabi, when their careers were keeping them away from each other more than McCreery liked.

“‘You Time’ is one of those songs that I wrote in 2019, just about how  busy we all were on the road. We were gone, gone, gone,” shared the singer. “My wife is a pediatric nurse, and she was busy at the hospital. Our schedules just were not lining up. Like, I’d be on the road and she was home, and when I was home, she’d be at the hospital. It was kind of crazy how it worked. I just wrote this song about wanting to spend a little more time with her. That’s where ‘You Time’ came from.”

“It Matters to Her,” “You Time” and “Damn Strait” are all from McCreery’s 2021 Same Truck album. The North Carolina native will release his Same Truck: The Deluxe Album on November 18, with all of the songs on Same Truck, plus six new tracks, including “Nothin’ Right.” The project will be available on CD, digital and vinyl. Find music and tour dates at

Other artists scheduled to perform for the CMT Campfire Sessions include Charley Crockett, Elle King, Jessie James Decker, Lainey Wilson and Warren Zeiders. Find more information here.

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