Walker Hayes Had ‘So Much Fun’ Creating ‘Y’all Life’ Video [WATCH]

Video shoots can often be monotonous and long, but not for Walker Hayes. The country music hitmaker just released the video for his latest single, “Y’all Life,” which stars members of his own family, as well as his close friend, and co-author of Glad You’re Here, Craig Cooper. And now that it’s out, Hayes says he wishes he could film the entire video over again.

“I would go back to the day we made the Y’all Life video in a heartbeat,” Hayes says. “Got to hang with some of my favorite people! So excited for the world to see what my team created.”


I would go back to the day we made the Y’all Life video in a heartbeat. Got to hang with some of my favorite people! So excited for the world to see what my team created.
Cameos by: Laney, Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Loxley, Everly, Livvy Dunne, Jason Fitz, Byron Young, Ja’Corey Brooks, Craig Allen Cooper & Progressive

Posted by Walker Hayes on Friday, July 15, 2022


ESPN host Jason Fitz stars as the football announce in “Y’All Life,” a role he says was tailor-made for him.

“When [Walker Hayes] said ‘we need someone to be an over the top announcer for this video’ I knew it was the part I was born to play,” Fitz tweeted. “Thanks for having me, my friend.”

Hayes wrote “Y’all Life” with Pete Good and Josh Jenkins, along with “Country Grammar” writers Nelly and Jason Epperson also credited, since “Y’all Life” is Hayes’ tribute to that song. But most importantly, Hayes says the song is really a tribute to the everyday person, which is who he still is, in almost every way, in spite of his success.

“’Y’all Life’ is meant to celebrate life and living in the moment, even if that means things are a little messy… that just means you’re busy living,” Hayes says of the song. “Take me and my family for instance. We’re normal people. We have a garage on the front of our house, we live down the street from a strip mall. Sometimes I leave the lawn mower in the yard; the blow-up Christmas yard ornaments stayed up way too long this year; there are bikes all over the driveway.

“We even got a letter in the mail about our weeds the other day,” he continues. “We’re out here living life the best we can and it’s chaotic, but it’s ours and we’re doing it with the people we love, and I feel like a lot of people can relate to that imagery in this song.”

“Y’all Life,” which shot to the top of the iTunes country shortly after it was released, is one of several hits Hayes has recently released, including the Grammy-nominated “Fancy Like,” followed by “U Gurl” and “AA.” It’s a life Hayes dreamed about for a long, long time, but says now that success is now the end-all that he once thought it to be.

“I mean honestly success is, it’s not amazing,” Hayes shares on the 4 Things with Amy Brown podcast (via After Midnite with Granger Smith). “I want all listeners to know that circumstances in my life … it’s not meaningless. But I think the reason I’m succeeding, or God has shown favor on my career is just so I can share this story. The stadiums are awesome, but I look forward every night to singing “Craig.”

Hayes is playing fairs and festivals this summer, before he embarks on his Glad You’re Here Tour this fall. Keep track of music and tour dates at WalkerHayes.com.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of EB Media / Lily Nelson

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